Installing New Basement Storm Door

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Basement Storm Door Concepts

Basement storm door – Starting with measure the width and height of the doorway. Make a note on a piece of paper and then buy a storm door that matches the measurements.  2nd set up two sawhorses near where you plan to install storm door.  Third Place a facet square on the bottom of the door sill and the edge of the existing door frame. Transfer measured from the bevel square to the storm door hinge rail by putting a mark on the hinged rail with a pencil.

Set the basement storm door hinge rail on sawhorses and cut the hinge rail to the desired angle with a hacksaw. Pre-drill holes in the hinge frame for mounting screws. Place a hole every eight inches along the hinge rail.  Set storm door of sawhorses and secure the rail to the hinge side of the door with screws with the aid of the drilling machine. Place the storm door in the door frame.

Secures the hinged frame with screws to the door frame by means of the drilling machine. Set basement storm door handles and safety chain for the door to complete the installation. Tips & Warnings: Storm doors can be purchased at a home improvement store, Lowe’s or Home Depot. If you do not measure the angle of the door sill storm door cannot open and close freely.

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