Installing Red Porch Light

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Unusual Brick Patio Ideas

Red porch light is a good addition to any home. They enhance the beauty of the house, as well as add the benefit of additional security. Installing porch lights where there has never been any requires some knowledge of working with electricity. First you will have to find where the box of the porch lights is. Once you have found the junction box it is just a matter of a new wiring box and the installation of the porch light.

Mark the area where you want to install the red porch light. It is a good idea to locate the light as close to the old box as possible. This will reduce the amount of cable you need to operate. Disconnect the power of the old connection box by turning off the switch. It is a good idea to close the main switch if you are not sure that the switch works the box.

Fit the new box in the place marked for the red porch light. If you are installing wood, you can use 3/4 inch wood screws. If the installation is in brick you need to use expansion anchors with screws. Using expansion anchors, drill the holes to the size of the anchor in the wall using a drill. Then tap the anchor gently with the handle of a screwdriver.

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