Kinds Of Above Ground Swimming Pool Slides

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Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Slides

Pool slide prescriptions may vary from one state to another. In Illinois, for example, public health codes determine that the sled should stop between 6 inches below and 2 inches above the pool surface. Many above ground swimming pool slides may not fit these guidelines if installed over the edge. The most important guidelines are those specified by the manufacturer.

Many water slide manufacturers require clearance from the end of the cloud, between 10 and 20 feet or more. Always through clearance and depth requirements for a particular pool slide and make sure it is made for your type of pool. You should only use an above ground swimming pool slides if the manufacturer is explicitly designed for such pools. In some cases, the slider can be made for both the ground and above ground pools with a deck.

Choose an above ground swimming pool slides product with a more compact ladder and gentle chute. Without a tire, choose a slide constructed with a big enough ladders to help reach the elevated pool rim. However, remember that you cannot use one of these approved slides for the pool unless it meets clearance and depth requirements. Some slides may also require a pump system in the pool when incorporating water jets.

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