Making Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladders

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Beautiful Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladders

Above ground swimming pool ladders – Learn to build a pool ladder above ground. This ladder is a hard-lane above the ground pools. Get a DIY satisfaction and customize the scale of the height of your pool. This ladder is lightweight and made of basic materials. Measure the height of the pool wall and add at least 4 feet to this for the total length of the pipe. Make sure the pipe is 1.5 inches in diameter. Cut two aluminum tubes for the measurement obtained from the pool.

Make above ground swimming pool ladders, fold the tube at the top. Use a 1 foot Bender tube from the end of the pipe. Give the curve of a radius of 6 inches and the curve at an angle of 145 degrees. Repeat with exactly the same measurements on the other tube. Bend the lower end of the pipe that touches the ground. First, measure the distance of the newly formed hook shape to the end of the tube closest to the curve on the hook.

Make above ground swimming pool ladders, add this measure to the measurement taken by the height of the pool. These two combined measurements are equal to the distance of the curve (on the hook) for which the base of the ladder on which the last curve was made. Make the last angle at a 55 degree angle from the vertical part of the staircase. This angle will make the tube flat (on flat ground). Next, flay out these brackets at the bottom of the ladder sideways at a 45 degree angle to give stability to the ladder before welding on the rungs.

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