Mirrored Circles Wall Decor Ideas

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Mirrored circles wall decor – Many bathrooms have a standard circle wall mirror, which is simply a large mirror mounted on the wall over the sink area. Whether you rent an apartment or own your home is a way to improve the look of this plain mirror to add a frame by injection molding. Adding a frame not only improves mirrored circles wall decor look, but also adds personality and a touch of elegance to your entire bathroom.


Measure the width and height of your mirror. Since you will be nailing strips on the wall around the mirror, add an extra inch in all measurements. Cut two pieces of strips of width and two for height. Prime and paint strips or using a stain to protect the wood from moisture and water. If you have a small bathroom, keep the spot light to give the illusion of a larger space. Dark spot is suitable for a larger bathroom.

Place a piece of strips up to the edge of the mirrored circles wall decor, move it slightly from the mirror to provide a location for nailing. Nail the strips on the wall. Nail the other three around the mirror, to ensure that all corners are adjusted correctly. Add wood filler to any gaps in the molding corners or divots of nails. Apply a small amount with your finger, wrap it in the hole and then smooth it with your finger. Let it dry thoroughly. Smooth out with sandpaper some areas where you add wood filler. Restrain or repaint to finish.

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