Mobile Home Porch Kits Design

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Mobile home porch kits – Make your outdoor space more pleasant by installing a terrace awning made of PVC pipe. Installing an outdoor awning your mobile home is a simple way. To make your refrigerator porch without having to spend a small fortune to buy a custom awning. You can save money by using cheap construction materials like PVC pipe. Another benefit of building your own awning is that you can customize it. Choose any color and size that you like.

Measure the length of your mobile home porch kits with a tape measure. To determine the required length of your awning. If your porch has a concrete base or a foundation made of another material. Measure its width to determine the width of your awning. If your porch does not have a defined width. Use the tape to measure from the side of the mobile home and select the width of it.

Build mobile home porch kits, cut two pieces of 1-inch PVC to the length measure that only determined using a pair of PVC cutters. Cut two additional pieces of 1-inch PVC tailored to the width of your awning. Divide the two pieces of PVC cut for the length of your awning into sections of 4 feet if your awning has more than 4 feet. Cut one inch from each of the 4-foot sections to accommodate the width of the PVC fittings used to connect them.

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