Modern And Innovative Design Of Aluminum Porch Awnings

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A modern and innovative design is combining aluminum porch awnings at different levels creating intersections of shadow in an interesting set of volumes. And orientation depending on the path of the sun, to give the largest possible area of ​​shadow. The architects and engineers call them tense structures. Since their fixation is made by the tension that is generate when placing the anchor points on the wall where they will be install. The materials used are textiles or synthetic canvas, with different characteristics and properties.

That in winter between the suns in the house is not so much a thermal nuisance as the risk that some elements of the living room furniture are discolor. In summer, the sun heats much more and it is convenient to isolate yourself from its influence. If we want to keep it away, the best solution is an aluminum porch awnings. We can fix it on the wall of the terrace and offer a good shade both inside the house and the outdoor space in which we want to remain seated or doing any other activity.

When the surface of the garden is wide and we want to cover as much shadow as possible, we have no choice but to play big. As in this aluminum porch awnings of large dimensions that unfolds its wings to expand the porch a few meters beyond. When it is not sunny, it retreats and everything returns to normal. A true giant of the shadow.

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