Natural Decorative Fence Panels For Gardens

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Decorative Fence Panels For Gardens Ideas

Decorative fence panels for gardens – Maybe you are weighing the possibility of installing in your garden or terrace some type of fence or privacy barrier. If that is the case, you should take into account, among the many possibilities offered by the market, bamboo. This natural, ecological and sustainable material for its enormous hardness and resistance. With bamboo canes you can create a private area in a decorative way and with a totally natural look.

At the same time that the manual elaboration of this fence will occupy us little time and will require few tools. And auxiliary decorative fence panels for gardens material. In a flat and uncluttered place we will place the canes parallel to each other until we reach the desired width, in this case 150 cm. Although in case of needing more width it is better to make several panels to make the handling easier. Once we have all the rods ready. We have to keep them in place, with stones or pots for example.

Decorative fence panels for gardens, next we will place the rods or the 20 mm rods perpendicular and arranged every 50 cm along the entire length of the rods. We will tie the rods to the rods or transverse rods. In the event that the place where we are going to place the panel is exposed to strong winds we should place rods. Or transverse rods on both sides and reinforce their union to the rods with screws. For fixing to the ground, already in its final place, we will dig a trench about 50 cm deep.

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