On Fish Modern Bathroom Wall Decor

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Modern bathroom wall decor – There are a number of options for decorating the walls of the bathroom with the fish. You can find fish arrangement related to ponds and lakes, exotic fish, oceans, sailing and other nautical themes. Decorate the walls with fish can be done by buying all your accents, making themselves or a combination of both. Stamping your bathroom walls with fish is fun and inexpensive. First you need to buy or make fish stamps in the shapes you want. The kitchen sponges can be cut into fish shapes. You can also make sponge stamps of shells, both, or rod shapes from sponges. When your stamps is ready, dip them in paint and stamp away in an area of the bathroom you want.

Use nets and fish tank items on a modern bathroom wall decor are a nice way to decorate. Buying fish netting and colorful fish tank elements such as rocks, seaweed and ornamental fish. Secure the netting wall with small nails and make sure to drape the web in a way that you feel is attractive. Attach the aquarium items to the netting with hot glue or hot glue Christmas ornament hooks to the items and hang them on the netting.

When decorating the bathroom with a fish theme, do not forget to think of the floor. You can find very trendy fish themed bath mats and blankets, but do not think the floor, think wall. These bath mats can be hung on the modern bathroom wall decor with light weight nails.

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