Original DIY Wall Decor With Fabric

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DIY Wall Decor – Create an original wall decoration with a few scraps of fabric. These panels are also easy to apply to the wall and can be removed if you want to change your style. You need a bucket of water, starch, thumbtacks, a sponge roller and fabric scraps. To make these panels, start by choosing the fabric and the shape that you are going to give, taking into account the space that you have on the wall and the rest of the decoration that has the environment where it is going to be applied.

Insert each panel of cloth separately into this starch mixture until completely soaked. Another option: there is spray starch, which acts faster. Use the roller to attach each panel to the diy wall decor properly and eliminate folds. The roller will also absorb excess liquid. Remove the pins when the fabric has dried. Drain well the excess liquid of each piece of fabric by twisting it vigorously. Extend each panel on the wall with your hands, smoothing it. Secure the corners with pins.

This project diy wall decor is ideal to make the weekend or at some point that we can use fabrics to start playing with them, the result that is sought is a composition where creativity prevails. With this idea, you can decorate any corner of a room, bring joy and dynamics to the decoration with colors and textures.

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