Outside Basement Door Ideas

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Exterior Basement Door Covers

Outside basement door is the small piece of wood between the bottom of the door and the door frame. They are as important as the door itself. The basement door helps keep out the elements and insects and help to keep the warm air in winter and cool air from the air conditioning in summer. Since it is walked on, your basement door well need to be changed at some point long before the door does.


Use a tape measure to determine the length and breadth of the old entrance, while the outside basement door is still in place. If there is resistance, use a chisel to get under the threshold, and once you’ve done some of the rooms, replacing the chisel with a claw hammer. If there are nails holding threshold, pull them out with the claw. If there are screws, unscrew them with a screwdriver.

Clean the area where the old threshold. Make sure you do a thorough job and remove dirt and debris. Use a broom to sweep away large debris.  Fit new outside basement door in the area you have cleaned the bottom of the door frame. It should fit snugly. Open and close the door to be sure that it fits with the door closed.

Remove the new outside basement door and apply a coat of primer on the eve of the surface with a brush. The threshold to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Close the door and make sure, again, that the door clears the threshold. Nail or screw the bottom outside basement door. Use a final layer of sealing the edges of the new basement door.

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