Perfect Finishing Basement Floor Paint

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Basement Floor Paint Colors

Basement floor paint – Finishing a basement adds more living space to your home. Before you consider installing a new floor in your basement, try to paint existing basement floor instead. Painting basement floor can add color and personality to your basement in a way not possible in other rooms.

Apply first coat of primer. Let it dry for at least 12 hours before applying next layer. Allow 12 hours drying time between second layer and first primer coat of basement floor paint. Use a paint roller with an extension handle or a compressor power painter to apply paint. Do not use a brush. A brush will take a long time, and cannot apply paint evenly. Plan on two coats of paint, and give at least 24 hours between coats to let paint dry.

In a basement that extends floor and contracts frequently with changes in temperature. Allow paint to completely settle before applying second layer. Apartment Therapy website recommends waiting at least seven days after applying second layer before using basement floor. Use only concrete basement floor paint. Do not use home exterior or interior paint. Use a solid color to basement floor, or mix colors for a marble look. Other floor id¨|er include using blocks of random colors, a tile look with changing colors, flowers or cartoon characters-if you want to use basement as a playroom for children.

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