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Porch ceiling ideas will not only give you and your family shelter from the wind and it will also allow you to fully enjoy your porch. If you have basic joinery skills, building a porch roof is not a difficult project. The careful strategy of planning your porch roof is to mix the roof with the style and materials used on the stretch ceiling above the porch.


Perform an inspection by the existing structure. Start with the wall where the roof will be attached to the house. Also examine the actual porch ceiling ideas support beams and concrete bridges. Damaged components must be repaired to ensure that the additional weight of the new roof will have the necessary support. Find out what the building standards are for the porch-roof construction. Fulfill the minimum building code requirements, or even surpass them. You will probably need a building permit before you can start your DIY porch roof project. Usually, a building inspector must give final approval when the work is completed.

Construct the roof

Follow the local building scheme for the correct method of securing the book board to the house framing. The main board is the horizontal plank, which must consist of at least two-of-six board, which acts as the plate for securing the roof rack. Keep in mind, the street card must be placed slightly higher than the porch ceiling ideas support beam to account for the slope of the ceiling. Use pressure impregnated wood and make sure it is straight. The liner on board must be level and level to ensure proper alignment of the roof.

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