Porch Column Wraps Ideas

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Glass And Wooden Patio Covers

Porch column wraps also called basement columns or lily columns, are integrated support in the structure of your house. Unfortunately, the poles are not attractive, especially when you want to finish your cellar. Whether the poles are made of wood or steel, is a good solution to cover them. You can decorate your sources pearly or cover them for safety if you have a small child playing in the basement.


Fabric Post Cover

Cut long strips of 3 to 5 inches wide with a scissors. Fold the long sides by twisting them twice and sew the edges flat with a sewing machine. Porch column wraps with Sew straps together beginning to end. Glue one end of the strip to the bottom of the bar with hot glue. Wrap the fabric around the bar, overlapping so that none of the posts show between the fabric strips. Secure the fabric as you go with dots of hot glue. Continue until the bar is fully wrapped.

Foam Pole Covering

Porch column wraps with Measure the pole’s height with a tape measure. This is measurement A. Measure the pole’s diameter, and adds 2 inches. This is measurement B. Use an electric carving knife to cut a rectangular piece of 3-inch foam that matches measurements A and B. Even if you can use a regular blade for this step, an electric cutter gives you a cleaner cut. Rinse rectangular piece of foam around the bar so that the foam completely covers the bar. Ask a friend to help keep the foam out of the pole.

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