Relaxation And Fun Swimming Pool Kid

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About Swimming Pool Kid

During the summer, and for those who do not have the fortune of being able to go on vacation, the swimming pool kid in the garden at home can be an excellent choice of relaxation and fun for adults and children. With balls: It consists of making two teams with the children and it will be necessary to have two beach balls of the inflatables. The game is that each child carries the ball from one end of the pool to the other, but not with his hands but pushing it with his nose.

Win the game that first arrives. Using several balloons in the swimming pool kid, the idea is for the children to take the balloons and try to sink them to hide them under their body, this is fun for the little ones who, even if they can not, want to hide many balloons. With toys: It is necessary to divide the pool with a rope or net and on each side several floating objects are placed.

The children are divided into two groups occupying each part of the swimming pool kid. Set a time of 10 minutes to remove the objects that are on your side and leave it on the side of your opponents, who should also do the same, trying to prevent your space is filled with toys. At the end of the agreed time, a count is made and the group that has fewer objects on its side will be the winner.

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