Relaxing Swimming Pool Waterfalls

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Cool Swimming Pool Waterfalls

If you are lucky enough to have a pool at home, you will surely be preparing it for the summer season. Relaxing in them after work is great, but can you imagine that they could be improved with swimming pool waterfalls? Relaxing and aesthetic elements in equal parts that will give a different touch to your exteriors. There are many options at this point, from waterfalls in rock, with natural aspect, to the typical swan necks that we see in a spa.

If your pool is located in a patio or has a wall nearby, an interesting option is to incorporate a waterfall on the wall. This type of swimming pool waterfalls are complicated to install, because they must be  embedded in the wall , so it will always be essential to  have a professional who can install the system correctly .

If your pool does not have a wall nearby, but you love the previous solution, you can always hire a bricklayer so that he can lift a small wall from scratch. This wall will be used to place the same cascade system of the previous case. The main advantage is that being a wall that we build a posteriori; the installation of swimming pool waterfalls system is much simpler, although obviously we should never do without a specialized company to avoid problems later.


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