Replacement Basement Metal Door

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Replacement Basement Metal Door – Because of deterioration, the old metal doors be difficult to remove. Typically, you should use a cold chisel or a reciprocating saw to cut concrete fasteners that attach to the door frame. Once completed, scrape all the old seal off and clean the surface in preparation for the installation of new doors.

Now that you have a clean surface, inspect surface for defects, cracks, etc. If there are some important issues, you want to fix them before installing a new basement metal door. If not, set them up in rows and mark where you want to drill your holes for anchor bolts. You should use a carbide masonry drill for this application; even if a rotating drill may be used, providing an impact drilling efficiency. After drilling holes, inserting anchor bolts caulk around the area where the new door frame is to create a seal. The seal is an important part of changing the temperature and humidity of the basement

Add the basement metal door frame down and secure it by attaching screws through the frame to the anchor bolts. Mount the door is as simple as matching the hinges to hinge on the frame, which is attached with screws, and hammering a bolt to secure the hinge in place. Typically use 2 or 3 hinges per door, because there are two doors in the basement door service set. Then hammering the hinge in place, this is the final step to install the door, but you can choose to attach to your door locking mechanism. Paint your front door and its frame to prevent rust and corrosion.

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