Rustic Country Bathroom Wall Decor

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Country bathroom wall decor – The bathroom needs to provide a place of refuge from everyday stress, invites you to relax and linger in a warm, lavender-scented bath.  If you just gravitate towards the French country style, a few decorative thrive transform your bathroom into a miniature vacation to the French countryside. Whether it is a weekend retreat cabin or a master bathroom in your home, simplicity rustic country style never gets old. With soft colors, antique furniture and delicate details, offers the rustic country style one perfect setting

Country bathroom wall decor and floor, instead of the traditional bright country red, blue, green and earthy colors, paint your walls with softer, pale versions of these. Hardwood or stone floors give the bathrooms a rustic touch.

Take or obtain images of the major attractions in rural France, such as castles, walled villages, overgrown stone walls and vineyards squirming over the low hills. Edit photos using photo manipulation software to turn them sepia, adding scratches graininess, if you want to create a truly antique look. Print photos and frame them in identical black or plain wooden frames. Hang them in a cluster in the bathroom. For example country bathroom wall decor, put up a grouping on the wall above the toilet or arrange a vertical line of photographs at the narrowest wall.

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