Simple Ways To Insulate Basement Doors

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Entrance Basement Doors

Basement doors – To insulate it, starting with stand in the basement with the doors closed and the lights during daytime. Locate any cracks where the sunlight shines through to determine where the cold air to enter. Then, spray expanding foam insulation between the cracks between the door frame and a wall. Allowing insulation to cure for 24 hours and then inspect the area for any remaining cracks. Apply more insulation is needed.

Stick adhesive foam insulating tape around the inside door frame to fill the gap between the basement and the frame. Using a foam tape with a thickness slightly larger than the size of the gaps. Next, reinforcing strip by stapling the ends and corners of the place with a staple gun. The adhesive can fail in the cold weather experienced by an outside basement door. Cover ground basement door style doors with a 6-inch thick layer of straw in the winter months to isolate them from the cold outside air.

If the winter is necessary, place the straw in a bag and cover the door. Simply remove the bag when the access to the basement, and replace it afterwards. Tips: Old basement doors style are often made of wood planks nailed to a frame. The space between the decks allows cold air in. Replacing these doors with solid doors or fill in between the planks with expanding foam insulation.

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