Single Patio Doors Guide Installation

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Single Patio Doors Modern

Single Patio Doors – You may be able to install the door yourself if you trust your home improvement skills. You just have to overcome the psychological barrier of opening a large hole in one of the outer walls of your house. It is difficult to decide to take that step, but in the end, the new views will compensate for the effort. There is a wide range of patio doors.

Choose the style that you like, according to your situation and your preferences. The hinged doors open like conventional doors, but they have glass panels that provide a panoramic view of the exterior. They can be installed as single patio doors, depending on the size of the door opening, although the two-leaf units are the most frequent. Unlike hinges, which require that the objects are far away so they do not hinder the movement of the door, the sliding does not need space to open.

Sliding single patio doors usually have a fixed and a sliding leaf. If you are installing a patio door in an existing doorway, determine the dimensions of your rough opening before purchasing the new door. In some cases, it will be necessary to order a unit tailored to the rough opening. Take the horizontal measurement of both the top and the bottom of the rough opening, as well as the vertical of each side.

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