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Basement Stairs Inspired

Basement stairs – An entry staircase and grand staircase is often impressive and grand. In comparison, a basement staircase is not. Simply because the basement stairs are in a prime position does not mean they have to stay boring. Enliven them using the wall space above the stairs in creative ways, and use the space to its full potential furnishings.

Basement stairs select the area with color, not just leave it white. Creating a tone on tone look by painting the room a different shade of color used in the adjacent room. Painting same color to blend or an entirely different color for contrast. Get adventurous and paint stripes or an exciting design, patterns or designs. Set a motivational phrase or inspiring words on the wall space.

Turn the basement stairs well wall into a mini art gallery. A wealth of possibilities exists for how to achieve this. Paint a mural on the wall, or put up framed photographs, and posters or coins, insects, butterfly or stamp collections. Mount ancient weapons, pieces of driftwood or stone, silver or bronze sculptures. Decorating an old multi paneled window with crackle color, beads, colored tiles and the like; attach hooks and hung on the wall. Or putting up shelves to display masks, clocks or dolls.

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