Stamped Concrete Swimming Pool Decks

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Swimming Pool Decks Style

Swimming pool decks – Swimming pools give their users a great deal of waterborne fun. But a swimming pool often requires other things to be quite enjoyable. Most swimming pools require a deck area and the most common material for them is smooth poured concrete, which is sometimes rather bland conductor. A solution to blandness is to create a tire from stamped concrete, even though it has its pros and cons

The stamped concrete to a swimming pool decks area is simply concrete that is stamped and patterned to resemble many other surfaces. Typical stamped concrete appearance includes tile, slate, brick, tile and even wood. Like its brother and sister, traditional cast concrete, stamped concrete is not as expensive as other types of pool deck materials such as tiles. With improvements in concrete color, the stamped concrete can also take on whatever color a pool owner wants for her tire.

Advantage swimming pool decks, poured like traditional concrete and then patterned and shaped, costs from £ 3 to £ 13 per square foot, installed at the time of publication. Stamped concrete, in fact, can be compared in the cost of concrete pool pavers when concrete costs include installation is included. Brick and natural stone tiles cost about twice as much per square foot as stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can also be installed faster than pool tiles. Finally stamped concrete is at least as durable as traditional poured concrete.

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