The Basement Window Blinds

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Amazing Basement Window Blinds

Basement window blinds – Basement windows are usually small and tall, the ground of which less than the prospect of someone long enough to see through it. A short string of heaven is probably only think to eliminate the idea of bare windows for extra light and breathtaking scenery. Window treatments can instead be used to dress up a basement or improve its cozy nature, leaving light to artificial fixtures and landscapes in drawings hung on the wall.

Curtains are perhaps the most common window treatments, a decorator’s paradise with thousands of styles and materials to choose from. When the furniture and flooring has been mixed curtains to balance a room. Curtain width should be double or triple the width of the basement window blinds. The curtains can be suspended from the top or center point of a window on a straight or curved rod outwardly.

For more depth, use a valance or swags. A valance is usually made of the same fabric as the curtain, but is much shorter and run at the top of basement window blinds. A frill on the top edge for extra decoration. When used with a curtain, place the valance over it. A swag is similar to a valance but runs in diagonal from the top center of the page and should be hung in pairs. It can be used with or without a curtain and is longer than a coat.

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