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Tips Painting Basement Walls – In our home we have a basement room that is largely below ground and where there is rising damp. The walls are always wet. We have tried many ways to get the old paint off, but it is not succeeded. Saltpeter something is no longer there. We have, for budgetary reasons not want to deal with the substance of the moisture problem. On the other hand we want to use this space as a wine / cellar. We therefore wanted to paint the walls, but of course we are afraid of exfoliation. We know that paint is not eternal life, but we will find a solution that can help us get up and continue 5-8 years.

Some painters’ say we do better to take a breathable paint for painting basement walls, others say we better just take a full final paint. Please give your opinion. It would be best if the solution would also make it possible (if necessary after the first coat) applying a color layer. Do you think this is realistic? Thanks in advance. Groundwater tends to spread through the easiest way through a porous material such as stone. If one closes the wall with a waterproofing paint is not breathable, water will possibly spread to the ground and cause a greater or lesser degree damage (peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, mold, mildew).

It is therefore recommended to the painting basement walls to provide a non-breathable paint, because the problem may be simply shifted. A breathable paint, however, will peel off over time and leave damp basement, so you will not keep wine or drinks. The best way to use this space as a commission and wine cellar is to inject the walls against rising damp and then dry for months. If the floor is also affected by moisture, it must also be made water-repellent.

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