Tips To Change 8 Foot Menards Sliding Patio Doors

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Black Menards Sliding Patio Doors

Menards sliding patio doors – If you have an older model 8 foot patio sliding door, it may be time to replace it. Old doors can be seeing and they are often poorly insulated compared to today’s doors that are very energy efficient.


Apply all protective equipment: safety goggles, hearing protection, respiratory protection, gloves and knee protection. Tie away the menards sliding patio doors trim from the inside out, using the coot, and remove any nails with the hammer. Use the screwdriver and screw bit to remove any screws that hold the cover in place. Find 2 to 3 helpers to work with you on this project. Eight foot doors can be quite heavy.

Raise and pull out the menards sliding patio doors. This is the one half of the door that slides from side to side. You can then eliminate some of the weight you need to deal with when removing the cover. Remove any screw or nail that secures the door frame to the wall rails. Use screwdrivers and screw pieces or hammer and coot to do this. Do not worry to damage the door frame to remove it anyway. Remove the cover device, using any assistant to hold each end while holding the center. You may need to cut a part of the insulation between the door frame and thin walls with a matt knife.

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