Trendy Track Lighting Basement

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Industrial Track Lighting Basement

Track lighting basement – Track glowing light is white light. They are best to clarify certain walls or sections. Track lights are not very energy efficient, although they provide very good lighting and works well to accent art, shelves or a pool table. Use track lighting in your basement will give it a more polished and finished look.  Track lighting provides room good overall brightness and floor or table lamps may contribute additional task lighting. Install track lighting only in cellars more than 7 feet high to ensure adequate headroom.

The track lighting basement can be installed directly on painted basement ceiling to avoid cutting into the ceiling itself. The track lighting can be widely and functional or decorative. For example, you can choose an ordinary single-rail track light with four or five simple shades. Or you can choose a cast or flexible track railway to create a unique look. You can also choose to buy a preassembled kit. Or purchase components separately and design your own.

Track lighting basement is usually a cost effective choice for basement lighting and tend to be somewhat simpler to install. If the basement has very low ceilings, the only down side track lighting would be that the lights take up some space. However, proper lighting your basement will help you maximize the use of your space. It will make it seem more a part of the home, rather than a dilapidated unused space. Proper lighting can change the look and feel of any room, so choose wisely.

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