Unique Fire Pit Ideas Style

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DIY Unique Fire Pit Ideas

Unique fire pit ideas – The fire pits can range from a simple metal band located on the ground to contain any loose sparks from a wood fire to an elaborate fireproof fire pit bowl set in stone plate with gas logs to burn. The only design limitations to what type of fire pit ring can be configured are those placed by local building ordinances. They always have building permits in hand before building a ring of fire.

Round campfires are conducive to conversation. This type of unique fire pit ideas has to have a low wall, no taller than 12 inches. To keep the fire low to the ground so that people can easily see each other over the flames. A wider layer of stone around the top of the fire pit allows guests to sit on the fire wall when it is not in use. Built-in seat around the round fire pit ring makes it easier to have conversations with people sitting next to you, as well as those on the other side of the campfire. Because round is the most traditional way. It is easier to find a fire pit bowl suitable for this type of fire pit ring.

A square hole fire ring suits a formal garden design. While the organization of being on all sides of a square fire pit is possible, this style typically has one side along the edge of the configuration. Conversation grouping is still possible, but it is not as casual as a round seat arrangement. You can find square or rectangular liners, but more often refractory concrete creates the lining of these unique fire pit ideas.

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