Used Patio Fire Pit Ideas

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Backyard Patio Fire Pit Ideas

Firepits have probably been around longer than humans have used fire. With a University of South Carolina archaeologist finding a firepit dating back 50,000 years. Firepits are useful not just for cooking, but as a place for social gathering, providing an excellent focal point for entertaining. They are patio fire pit ideas also a convenient way to add warmth to your patio area on cooler evenings.

You can have a quick and economical firepit with the following creative ideas. When installing a patio fire pit ideas, consider setting the structure below the level of the patio instead of above it. Many fire pits are built inside the walls that are above the level of the patio. But if the space is a scarce commodity this can be uncomfortable.

Building a small patio fire pit ideas on a wooden patio is problematic – at least until you think outside the “pit”. While you still need to be careful in protecting the bridge, you can build a fire pit using 2 decorative vases and a container of alcoholic gel. In less than an hour, you and your friends can enjoy the flames of your personal fire pit. So, will you build the fire pit for your patio?

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