Very Beautiful Rectangle Swimming Pool

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Cool Rectangle Swimming Pool

The decoration of a rectangle swimming pool does not only come from its surroundings, but from what we can do with its lighting. In this case, we can see a spectacular play of lights awarded by the joint lighting of the entire courtyard. However, the lights inside and around the pool make it truly special. Before entering the house, we can see the pool that reflects like a mirror part of the fa├žade, giving it a very beautiful and elegant decorative reflection.

All this entrance is a special sector to be used with the rectangle swimming pool, with its chairs and its special lighting, elevated by five steps to which both this area and the house are accessed. a pool built in natural stone, which gives a rustic touch and sticks very well with the nature that surrounds it. The one that is in a high ground increases the perception that the swimming pool is inserted in the nature and it is simply spectacular.

In a high platform can be located a pool or, in the absence of space, a Jacuzzi like the one we see in the photo. A separate space created in wood and dedicated especially to house the rectangle swimming pool and chairs that make the patio a unique, relaxed and comfortable place.

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