Very Special Container Swimming Pool

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Best Container Swimming Pool

Do you want to bathe in a different place? … Look at this original container swimming pool and take notes. A very special ranking with the most impressive and original designs on the planet. We started with an idea that has convinced us a lot, both for its practicality and its constructive perspective. We are talking about a modern pool built thanks to a container and the company ModPools.

The company has managed to standardize a container swimming pool model that not only provides functionality or aesthetics in design, it has also managed to reduce costs substantially by using the typical maritime containers without neglecting the adjustments that can be made through a telephone application such as temperature, intensity of the jets or lighting. We like!

There are people who have good ideas and others who simply have them spectacular! … We are talking about the French artist Benedetto Bufalino who, with his artistic pieces, is always revolutionizing concepts. In this case it was up to him to transform an old caravan into a container swimming pool and of course I’ve been pretty good. There may be more than one hotel that has one, but the problem is that to get to this pool is quite difficult, without signs or roads.

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