Very Special Patio Covers Ideas

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Black Patio Covers Ideas

Patio covers ideas can be made of wood, canvas, beams, and iron or even simply composed of climbing plants. In combination with a selection of suitable garden furniture, you can create a very special place outside the house. The same existing roof of the house can be extended, forming a transition from the interior of the residence to the backyard, as this design shows us, creating enough space to house a rotisserie and a stone oven, ideal to enjoy a delicious meal fresh air.

If you decide on a wooden structure with small reeds as cover, this will give a very beachy environment to your garden or patio. This, together with small blue ceramic tiles patio covers ideas the grill, will make you feel very close to the sea. This is an excellent way to roof the patio, creating an outdoor space totally protected from the rain, but with a unique transparency, thanks to the glass cover that encloses this exterior area.

The light metal structure is responsible for supporting the glass. Patio covers ideas folding awning, like this, is ideal to enjoy the sun in a small space when it is not too intense and can be covered when we want a little shade or when the rain falls. A practical and versatile solution.

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