Washing King Size Mattress Pad

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King size mattress pad – How do you wash your king size mattress pad? Do you just stuff it into your washer at home? Or take it somewhere to be cleaned? Are you have an old washer like a 10 yr old washer (with agitator in the middle), so you could stuff it in. But are you sure if it will really get clean? The directions say to use a commercial size washer/dryer, but what a PITA.

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” We use our washer at home and we have the same type as you. It works fine. We wash ours here at home too. It seems to work fine. I think it would really be a pain to have to take it out to wash, as often as I wash it. Because I have the same kind of washer and a king size mattress pad.

But some people stuff it in around the washer. It’s worked out fine. They would love to get a large capacity front loader when the washing machine dies; it would be much easier in one of those. Ok. I think you feel washing king size mattress pad is better now. You’ll just shove it in the washer and not worry about it.

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