Water Sealant Paint For Basement Watermark

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Water Sealant Paint For Basement Wall

Water sealant paint for basement – Even if you do not have an obvious leak in your basement, a cement floor or concrete block wall you can feel the moisture from slow water seepage. Masonry sealers become pre mixed or in the form of powder that must be mixed prior to use. They can’t meet big cracks, so repair the obvious gaps with hydraulic cement and let it dry before applying sealer.

Mix 1/2 cup of detergent per gallon of water in a bucket and wipe the surface with a wire brush to remove loose particles of mortar, dust or grease. Mix the masonry powder sealer in a bucket with water according to the label instructions, stirring well with a stick of paint stirring until thoroughly mixed. Premixed masonry water sealant paint for basement does not need additional water, but it moved so blend well.

Spread the thick masonry sealer on the surface with a hammer brush, working well on the roughened surface of the mortar and cement joints. If you are covering a larger area that is reasonably smooth, use a long nap paint roller to speed up the application. Let the first coat dry. Apply a second layer of water sealant paint for basement in the same manner.

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