Wooden Porch Swing Kits Installation

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Wooden Porch Swing – Old wooden swings are treasures. They add an invitation and functional feature to the entrance area of your home. If you already have an old porch swing or find a yard or real estate sale, you can take steps to update its look and security. The potential advantage of a wooden swing is greatly reduced if it causes damage due to bursting or defective material.

Remove your wooden porch swing of his suspension device. Check all the equipment. Tighten the loose parts, and replace the dangerous parts. Don already has your work gloves and safety glasses. Swing sand to remove old paints, chips or mold. Wipe sawdust with a damp cloth. Check the channel. If the chain seems to be in a solid state, a simple clean up must restore. If it is too rusty or looks like it will not hold, remove it and replace it.

Measure the current chain so that you can cut the new chain to the right length. A hardware store can also carry a replacement porch swing chain kit. Paint the wooden porch swing, using an outdoor paint. Wait for the first coat to dry to see if a second coat will be need. Re-suspend the swing from your lanai. Sit carefully on it to make sure that you secure all the material and/or‚Äčthe chain safely.

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